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 Shoutout: Amy Czlapinski 'has a great attitude'

3/13/2020 12:00 AM

​Amy Czlapinski, Grant Budget Director, participates in our improvement process that achieves results by assisting with any and all things related to Title I and 1003(a) budgeting and spending. She makes things easy to understand with her accessible and responsive communication. Amy contributes many ideas when it comes to problem solving. Thank you, Amy, for all that you do. 

-Loree Leathers, STEAM Academy at Haskell Principal

When I need clarification or assistance with Title I issues, Amy is quick to respond, helpful, and has a great attitude. She always sounds eager to help, even though I am sure she has much on her plate. Thank you, Amy, for all you do to pave the way for principals who need to complete projects and make deadlines. I appreciate you!

-Pam Miner, Whitehead Elementary School Principal

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