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 Track Season 2020: Out of Time

5/5/2020 12:00 AM

​The Auburn High School boys and girls track team had an amazing indoor season. We hosted five indoor meets: two boys meets, and three girls meets. We also hosted a boys 32-team meet, which was the largest in the state. 

I truly felt that both the girls and boys track teams were about to hit their strides and have an awesome outdoor track season at Auburn. For weeks we held out hope that we would still have some type of outdoor season. But because of the global pandemic, the outdoor season was canceled. As the head coach, I'd like to celebrate and recognize some of our students. 

Seniors Jonah Garcia, a middle distance runner, and Josh Woloszyn, a pole vaulter, led the indoor boys season for Auburn. Junior Taylor Wartell, a long distance runner, and junior Isabelle Roethle, a middle distance runner, led the indoor girls season. 

Freshman sprinters Ma'Kayala Winters and Dontavious Williams were really looking forward to the outdoor season. 

We have more top performers, like junior Pete Maculan who I believe will hold all the indoor and outdoor Auburn records for track before his career is over.

Auburn has had the top sprinter in the NIC-10 the last two years. We have had state track qualifiers the last four years – and Auburn is the only school in Rockford with a state qualifier during that time. I coach because I want students to know that with hard work, they can do anything in life. Competing in track will teach them to push themselves to do better and be better.

So to all our senior boys and girls, I want to say thank you for being a part of the Auburn track program. All your hard work will pay off for you later in life. And for our young runners: the future is bright and strong.

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