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 RPS 205 Students Earn More than Money in Summer Jobs

8/20/2019 12:00 AM

​Earning spending money can be difficult for kids. Mowing the lawn, babysitting or completing extra chores are some of the few ways middle schoolers can scrounge up money for the movies. But at 16-years-old, kids can enter the workforce. These RPS 205 high school students have taken full advantage of their time this summer to work, and their jobs have given them both knowledge and paychecks:

Austin Pozzi, a rising junior at Guilford High School, has a summer job at Aldeen Golf Club where he maintains the equipment at the driving range. “Working at Aldeen has helped me gain concentration by doing simple but tedious hands-on-tasks,” Austin said. “My job gives me a reason to stay out of the house and to make the money that I need for the summer.” Although Austin’s favorite sport is still soccer, his employment has provided new opportunities for his interest in golf to grow.

Miles Hutto, a rising junior at Guilford, is working at Baker Street Burgers. His responsibilities are to clear and clean the tables and expedite the food. “Working at Baker Street has been a great experience for me. The people I work with are not only helpful and friendly, but they prepare quality food.” Miles believes that diligence is one of the most important traits he has learned at Baker Street. It takes a concentrated effort to ensure that all of the customers have a good experience at the restaurant.

Stephen Bovell, a rising senior at Auburn High School, is working for the Rockford Park District helping children with disabilities have fun this summer. “Compassion is important when working with children with disabilities. It (compassion) helps me to see the world through their eyes and to understand and support them,” Stephen said.

June, July and August provide opportunities for growth. Many RPS 205 high schoolers have spent their vacation working. Through their experiences, they have learned that hobbies, skills, insights, as well as dollars are gained through summer employment.

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