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 RPS 205 Students Build Positive Self-Image at Camp

6/27/2019 12:00 AM

​Last week RPS 205 teachers and Rockford Park District staff welcomed students in grades K-5 to Gregory Elementary School's Camp No Other Person Like You! Each week of camp follows a new theme. The theme last week was Understanding Myself. Students have enjoyed taking selfies, using mirrors for self-portraits and exploring other ways to learn about themselves. 

Students met Wince from the book "Don't Feed the WorryBug" and learned that the bug grew bigger when Wince worried. In the end, Wince learned not to worry and his worry bug shrunk. 

The students enjoyed spending time in the Discovery Center session where they played with LEGOs to form their names and built castles and towers. One kindergartner said, "I built a huge castle." 

Through the use of technology and media arts, students learned to explore themselves and create a positive self-image.

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