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 RPS 205 Faculty and Staff Critical to SAT Prep

4/30/2019 12:00 AM

​During February and March, Rockford Public Schools high school students spent Saturdays preparing for the April 9 SAT. RPS 205 offered prep classes to students interested in participating in content review and application as well as enhancing test taking strategies.

Students who participated in all four Saturday sessions received a $25 Visa gift card, sponsored by First Midwest Group. In addition to sponsoring the gift cards for students, First Midwest Group provided incentives to faculty and staff for recruiting students to participate. The contest details included: first place goes to the person in each school to recruit the most students (with a minimum of 30 students); second place goes to the person at each school who recruited the second most students (with a minimum of 15 students); and the school to recruit the most students overall received lunch from Famous Dave’s (congrats Guilford High School!). 

Enrollment in the prep classes was free and optional, so faculty and staff were critical in communicating the opportunity to students. In addition to those who recruited students, we had 26 teachers from our high schools and middle schools working on Saturdays to provide students with SAT prep and review. Teachers focused on content areas that aligned to the components of the test. 

We couldn’t do it without you, RPS 205 teachers, faculty and staff! Thanks for all you do to help our students prepare for the SAT. Special thanks to Guilford High School for serving as the facility host. 

First place winners recruited hundreds of student participants. L - R: Abdur Syed (GHS), Slavi Bonev (EHS), Bridget French (Admin), Sunil Puri (First Midwest Group), Don Rundall (JHS) and Dan Appino (AHS).
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