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 RPS 205 Daycare Available at Roosevelt

10/7/2020 12:00 AM

​I was a student at Roosevelt Center when it was a middle school and the pool was used to help students learn to swim. As an adult, I taught for 22 years in private education, and returned to education after raising my youngest two children because I absolutely love teaching and interacting with the students. Today, I teach at Roosevelt Community Education Center, where I work with six-week-old babies, toddlers and high school students as the director of the daycare at Roosevelt Community Education Center.   

The daycare is one of RPS 205's best-kept secrets. Any RPS 205 student who has a child between the ages of six weeks and 3 years can transfer to Roosevelt and use the free daycare facility while attending classes. The daycare is licensed through the Department of Children and Family Services to serve 27 children, although we have never served 27 children at the same time.  

If you have child care needs and need to finish your high school diploma or GED – or if you know of someone who does – please call 815-966-3265 Ext. 49108 or stop by room 108 at Roosevelt. Tell them Martha sent you! 

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