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 My Favorite Moment: Guilford #harmonics advance to a cappella semifinals

2/12/2020 2:00 AM

​I joined Guilford High School's #harmonics sophomore year. Being someone who has never been in choir or an a cappella group, I was a bit nervous. But the group welcomed me with open arms, and from that moment my journey began. I never would have thought that I would have the amazing opportunity that I do now.

On Jan. 18 I attended my third International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA). We worked hard for a long time like all the other years, but something was different this time: our bond. I am sure that is what made this competition so much different. We went up on stage and gave it our all even though we were still nervous walking up on that stage with so many other talented groups that did very well.

We were given two outstanding awards. The awards were for our first arrangement, given to Joy Murphy, and entire set percussion, given to Trentin Woodard. Then the moment everyone was waiting for – the announcement of the winner. We were all very excited after winning two outstanding awards but were very anxious for the big announcement. Third place went to High Fidelity from Niles West High School. High Fidelity is a very gifted group of girls who have beat #harmonics in the ICHSA competition the past two years. We looked at each other in awe and confusion. Then second place was announced. It was almost as if all our breathing and hearts stopped simultaneously, then we heard: "second place, going on to semifinals in Dayton, Ohio – Guilford #harmonics."

All the long nights I stayed up to choreograph our set, the long rehearsals of yelling at my teammates to stay focused because of how important this competition was to me and the whole team finally paid off. I am so proud of my teammates and overly thankful for our coach and teacher Mrs. Mikulay. Of all my four years of high school I am positive when I say that this was my favorite highlight. The #harmonics team is now working very hard to place in Dayton, Ohio for semifinals on March 14. We are very proud to represent not only Guilford High School, but Rockford as well.

Check out a blog post by Guilford #harmonics coach, Olivia Mikulay: Guilford's #harmonics Rewarded for Hard Work, Headed to Semifinals.

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