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 My Family's Back-to-School Traditions

9/10/2020 12:00 AM

​Creating a back-to-school family tradition helps children feel supported. It allows them to communicate how they are feeling about the new year: excited, nervous, happy, sad, etc.

My wife and I are blessed with five children; four are old enough to attend a RPS 205 school. At the start of every school year we take each child's picture in front of their school and then go for ice cream. As we eat ice cream we talk about what each of them is excited or nervous about for the new year. For example, starting a new grade/school, making new friends, meeting their teacher, seeing old friends, or just getting back into a routine.

It is fun to hear our children talk about their teachers like they are a part of our family. That's because in our case most of their teachers have watched them grow up since I work in the district. Regardless of how long a student has known their teacher, the bond between a teacher and student is priceless.

Whether you chose in-person or remote instruction, the connections with the RPS 205 schools are strong. Even though this is by far the most unusual start to a school year, we are all learning and growing together. Have a great year!

What is your family's back to school tradition?

We chose in-person learning for our children. (L-R) Jade is in the CAPA program at Auburn; Chloe and Lexi attend Gregory; Anthony is in the CAPA program at West.
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