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 Many Ways to Meet the Same Goal

10/10/2018 4:30 AM

​Students come to me on a regular basis to share their troubles, stresses and excitement. I have hugged students to celebrate college acceptance letters and to mourn the loss of family members. Teaching is so much more than books, pencils and curriculum. Students need as many trusting and supportive adults in their lives as they can get, and I, along with many Rockford teachers, strive to be that person for our students. As a society, we tend to focus on the bad things that happen in Rockford ... the violence, the police activity. Please know that our schools are filled with amazing people, both staff and students. The students I work with, and have worked with, are doing wonderful things ... and they know I have their back.

Recently, I was at a volleyball game as a coach and got hugs from both sides of the net (actually, that happens at every game!). I only wish that we could continue to celebrate all of the amazing things that are happening around us, rather than focusing on the negative.

I love what I do! I love sharing books, goals, and dreams ... supporting goals and accomplishments ... reaching out as students reach beyond high school! This is the best job ever! 

Coach Elizabeth Primrose treated the Jefferson High School girls volleyball team to ice cream on the way home from a tournament.
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