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 Longtime East Softball Coach to be Inducted into HOF

10/10/2018 6:00 AM

​As we went through the nominations for this year’s Rockford Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame, someone casually questioned the resume of nominated coach Andie Goff. Goff, you see, had a lot of tough seasons as Rockford East’s girls softball coach. There were a lot of losses. There were mercy-rule games. There were seasons where she could barely field a team.

But this is a classic case of “winning isn’t everything.” Goff had something more important than wins. She had heart.

“It was always about the kids,” Goff has told me multiple times since retiring from RPS 205 in 2014.

Goff will be inducted into the service award category when RPS 205 hosts the seventh annual Champions Ball and Hall of Fame on Feb. 23 at Radisson Hotel & Conference Center. Her HOF classmates include Jefferson swimmers Scott Kitzman and Steve Kitzman, East basketball player Skip Thoren, Auburn football and basketball player Bobby Anderson, Rockford East High School student and former Rockford Peach Jean Cione, and the 1964 West football team. Tickets are now on sale at

Goff was involved in district athletics for four decades, coaching multiple girls sports at multiple schools. She’s best known for her 27 years at East in softball—the sport that also saw her spearhead the building of the home softball field behind the high school.

She coached through years of struggling with lack of numbers, lack of support and lack of facilities. In some cases, she coached when nobody else wanted the job. She couldn't stand by and watch the girls not have the opportunity to play.

“I never had any children,” Goff told the Rockford Register Star in 2014. “I think God’s plan for me was to be a mother to the children of (Rockford) 205.”

I’ve personally known Coach Goff for 20 years and have seen first-hand how much Goff left a lasting impact on decades of young female athletes in our district. That is so much more important than winning records.

Andie Goff with seniors from the 2010 East High School girls softball team.
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