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 Living the Vision

10/16/2018 8:00 AM

​I grew up in a neighborhood just south of Rockford East High School​. The neighborhood is still a heavily family-based area, as it was when I was a child. It's one of the many reasons East has such a great group of students, staff and families.

Rockford Public Schools have a long history of providing a solid education to tens of thousands of students every year. Most schools talk about a vision. Most schools talk about character, pride and integrity. Here at Rockford East High School, we live our vision. E-Rab pride translates into resiliency and is demonstrated through various successes. 

In the past year alone, we have seen students create their own success in the classroom with increased participation in upper level courses. We have seen students contribute to the community through service projects affecting our city, our country, and even sending meals to other countries. We have had student projects engage the city government. We have also had students contribute to saving the lives of others in their community. The successes our students achieve while attending Rockford East High School transform them into lifelong learners and civic leaders.

East students participated in a Kids Around the World One Meal event to benefit hungry children.
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