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 Lincoln Middle School Receives Globetrotter Award

11/25/2019 12:00 AM

​College and Career Readiness is excited to present Lincoln Middle School with the Globetrotter Award. Last year, Lincoln worked closely with CCR to launch Project Lead the Way courses, aligning their curriculum so it directly connects to high school pathways. The eighth grade team also meets once a week to ensure their students are ready for high school.

They have:

  • -mapped out monthly meetings that bring in district administrators and teachers from East High School to work on student expectations with students;

  • -created a timeline for bringing every eighth grade student to East for a deep dive visit, including demos for pathways, and classroom time;

  • -worked on opportunities for cross building sporting events – i.e. having the Lincoln basketball team practice with the East students;

  • -created opportunities for eighth graders to be integrated into the E-Rab culture by offering free or discounted "swag."

Lincoln is truly embodying college and career readiness for all students, doing everything they can to prepare their students for high school.

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