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 Lights, Camera, Action! at Nashold Studios

6/24/2019 12:00 AM

​The hallways of Nashold Early Childhood Center in Rockford were buzzing the last full week of school with preschool-sized movie stars from my classroom. The students showcased their semester long project of making and starring in their own small films. A special red carpet themed premier included their family members. I do this every spring to give the end of the year some purpose. I do this for the students, but it also helps me focus as a teacher on making the last days in my classroom meaningful. 

Every child played a role in the small films "The Little Red Hen," "The Three Little Pigs" and "Five Little Monkeys". For the premier, the students even dressed like movie stars! They wore formal attire which included several beautiful dresses and some sharp-looking bow ties. The students were presented with award certificates and recognized by their families and staff for their hard work. 

Five-year-old Montrel in my afternoon class remarked how he enjoyed playing the part of one of the three little pigs: "I was the pig in the brick house. Mine didn't fall down because bricks are strong."

Principal Erin Salberg spoke about the importance of involving families with early childhood programming at our building. "We as a staff have spent all year working hard to make connections with families," Salberg said. "This culminating project brought lots of families into Nashold today. Watching the pride and joy on their faces made all of Ms. Katie's hard work worth it."

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