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 Lewis Lemon Campers Happy with Sports Fit

7/3/2019 8:00 AM

​Camp is in full swing, and the campers at Lewis Lemon Elementary School are buzzing about Sports Fit. Sports Fit is the sports-based physical fitness program that takes place throughout the day at Camp No Other Person Like You! Nathan Jarret, a Sports Fit leader for the past two years, says the program helps students build sports-related skills, which include physical fitness and sportsmanship.

During their 45-minute Sports Fit block, campers participate in four rotations of physical activities and sports games that are based on getting campers in the sports mindset. These activities take place both inside and outside, pending the weather. So far campers have learned stretching techniques, held relay races, and played a variety of sports-based games.

When asked about the Sports Fit program, Lashala, a West Middle School sixth grader says she is having fun. She said she doesn't participate in any outside sports activities, so it is nice to be able to learn and do these activities at camp. 

Washington Elementary School third grader Anabel says that because she broke her arm, she is unable to participate in most Sports Fit activities, but she still enjoys walking around the track. 

Welsh Elementary School third grader Kayla, says she "just likes doing fun activities with the Sports Fit leaders." "I like playing soccer and doing laps. They make it fun!" said Kayla.

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