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 Kindness is Power at Rolling Green Elementary

6/17/2019 12:00 AM

​Kindness is power. That’s the slogan fifth grader Isaiah Ying came up with for the Rolling Green Elementary School Kindness Club. The club is made up of nearly 50 fourth and fifth graders who give up their recess to spread kindness around the school. To join the club, students were encouraged to perform three kind acts. To remain a club member, they must complete at least one additional act weekly. 

Some of the kind things the club has done:
-made birthday cards for students and staff 
-made banners for staff for different appreciation days/weeks (a group of girls even wrote a song to perform in honor of our Assistant Principal Kristina Miller!)
-wrote thank you notes for the maintenance workers and the lunch aides
-left encouraging messages on all the desks in empty classrooms (so when the class returns from recess, everyone had a note reminding them they’re special and not to give up)
-read to students in the PLUS (special education) classes 
-produced anti-bullying skits and created presentations to give to classes on the power of kindness
-created a Kindness Tree that students can fill with the kind things they’re doing outside of the club

I’m amazed at the thoughtfulness and creativity of the students. They’re constantly brainstorming ways to spread inclusivity and compassion in both the school and the community at large. Lack of time and resources has limited what’s been possible, but the students continue to do something daily to brighten someone’s day. 

Thanks to a generous donation from Woodman’s the students were able to create snack bags for the homeless. They decorated brown paper lunch bags with drawings and inspirational messages and filled them with water bottles and snacks. Our school resource officer, Officer Drager, picked up the snack bags and took them to the District 2 station for police officers to hand out as needed. Since the pickup coincided with National Police Appreciation Week, the students had a banner ready for Officer Drager, too!

In just a few short months the Rolling Green Kindness Club has done a great job spreading joy and modeling compassion. The popularity of the club continues to grow, as do the stories of the impact the kind acts have had on others, showing that kindness is indeed power. 

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