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 In the Artist’s Words: Guilford Alum Destiny Pelley

7/1/2019 12:00 AM

​Both years of my AP art classes at Guilford High School pushed me to experiment with materials I wouldn't have touched on my own. I had the opportunity to use and incorporate charcoal, oil and dry pastels, colored pencils and watercolor in ways that illustrated my ideas to the viewer. With this opportunity I was presented, I found a love for pastels and charcoal. To this day I'll jump at the chance to use these forms of media whenever a moment presents itself. 

When it came to the subjects I wished to recreate in my pieces, I turned to ideas which enamor my artistic interest. I've always enjoyed the natural world and its components; connecting abstract thoughts to concrete objects that we see.

My junior year portfolio focused on overt and subtle human emotions with their psychological relation to color. Sequentially, my senior portfolio highlighted the visual comparison between synthetic and organic objects. This effect was accomplished by producing artwork of said organic objects while titling the work with its correlating synthetic object. This maintained the subjective nature of the content while clarifying the piece's purpose.

Due to the influence of these experiences, I've begun to explore the more conceptual view of visuals in my work. Where I am at now with my craft wouldn't have been achieved had it not been for my time in the art classes in RPS 205. I am grateful to have had such wonderful teachers — Mrs. Doll, Mr. Blackwell and Mr. Hammarberg — who opened the door to creativity not only for me, but many others before and after.

Destiny Pelley's artwork is on display outside the third floor board room in the RPS 205 Administration Building at 501 7th Street.

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