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 I Am Not Just an Employee

10/10/2018 2:30 AM

​ I don’t just work for Rockford Public Schools, I also live in this community. I am a proud Rockfordian, and I am proud of the work our school district and our community are doing. It’s easy to preach the message about being a district of first choice for all families. It’s something else altogether to actually live the vision. When my wife and I graduated from college and got married, we had long conversations about where we would end up as a family. We had a very short stint in Chicago, but the call to come home to Rockford drew us back. We bought a little house on the west side of Rockford and started our journey as professionals. I am passionate about my work as an administrator with the Rockford Public Schools and have spent time at Auburn High School and now as principal of Guilford High School. As the father of an almost 2-year-old son, it was important for me to consider what his educational journey could be when my family just recently moved. My family made the conscious choice to keep our address in Rockford and allow our son to attend the Rockford Public Schools. It is not just a good enough district for me to professionally call home; it is the school district I want my son to go through. I am not just the principal of Guilford High School; I am the principal of my neighborhood high school. Daily I see the opportunities that are provided to our students and I hope that my son can participate in those opportunities one day. If you haven’t seen what academies have done for students in our high schools you need to take a look. Students are being exposed to real-world industry standards in career fields that they are interested in. They are getting the opportunity to tour, shadow, intern and network with industry-leading professionals all across the Rockford area. It’s academy opportunities like those that make me not only want to work in RPS 205 but also send my own son through the district.

The Carter family enjoying the Rock River.
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