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 How to Get the Most Out of the 205 VIBE Podcast

1/14/2019 12:00 AM

​I think it is great that I can go to the 205 VIBE on the RPS 205 website and access all the 205 VIBE offers in one central location. I am fairly new at listening to podcasts, but I have a few – including 205 VIBE – I love. If you are new to podcasts like me, maybe you don’t know there are ways to have an even better listening experience.

The first time I listened to 205 VIBE The Podcast was on the website. I was halfway through and accidentally closed my browser window ... Yikes ... My spot wasn’t saved, and I had to start from the beginning and was a little frustrated. To avoid this happening again, I went to the Apple Store and downloaded the Apple Podcasts app on my iPhone. 

Once I had the app, I used the search bar to search “205 VIBE,” clicked on the icon and pressed the purple subscribe button, easy peasy. Now I can save my spot when listening, download an episode to my phone, share episodes, and best of all receive alerts when a new podcast is pushed out.

After a little research I learned there are a ton of apps available. Not sure where to start? Here is a great article I found that lists the Top 10 Podcast Apps for Android and iOS.

Have fun listening!

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