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 How We Live the Vision in RPS 205

11/1/2018 8:30 AM
​Our work is driven by the Rockford Public Schools strategic plan. But our focus can be further simplified into three areas: raising student achievement, growing our community and linking talent to opportunity (to borrow a phrase from Rock Valley College).

Between now and the end of this school year, I want to show you examples of progress in these areas. These aren't "my" accomplishments, mind you. They happen when people live the vision and values of our organization.

I am honored to share stories in text and video to celebrate those people. The first story in our series is about one approach to raising student achievement – using instructional coaches in our elementary schools. Susan Fumo, the Executive Director of School Improvement, describes the effect the coaches have already had. (This is the second year for the position.)

"We saw in the coaching cycles that focusing our flashlight on student progress to a specific learning target created productive, concentrated conversation of effective teaching strategies," Fumo said.

The approach is so promising that nine instructional coaches and two principals from RPS 205 recently presented at a statewide conference in Naperville.

Please click here to read about the instructional coaches' work​, their partnership with principals and the potential for improving RPS 205 student achievement.

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