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 Growing up Twins in Rockford Public Schools

11/13/2018 9:00 AM

​Thinking back on when we first started school in pre-k, it's hard to imagine how fast the time has gone. We started our educational careers at Welsh Elementary School in pre-k. Then we went to kindergarten at Walker, first grade at Brookview, and second through eighth grades at Montessori. We made friends early on at Welsh, Walker and Brookview elementary schools. 

Our educational experience was elevated in the Maria Montessori program; It was a nice school and that is where we made most of our friends. The teachers helped out a lot, and there was lots of hands-on learning. The teachers, students and other staff would get us mixed up a lot. People couldn't tell us apart unless they saw us together or until they saw us in class. Although there was another set of twin girls at Montessori, it did feel weird sometimes. We stood out a lot as twins at school. Our teachers helped out a lot all along the way; Lots of teachers at Montessori and Guilford have been really helpful. Mr. Muniz had a big impact on us at Montessori. He helped us develop our oral presentation skills. We would give presentations in front of the student body and students from the gifted program. 

​Other teachers who have been very helpful and we want to recognize are: Mr. Fenelon and Mrs. Foltmer at Montessori and Mrs. Swart and Mrs. Austin at Guilford. Overall, we have been happy so far with our educational experiences. Currently at Guilford, we are at a 3.3 and 3.5 in our grade point averages, respectively. Our goal is to attend college to ensure our career path and have something to fall back on. As much as we love basketball, it doesn't last forever. Your mind lasts much longer.

Jamil Jones and Jordan Jones.
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