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 Jefferson Senior: “Give the gift of life”

5/17/2019 12:00 AM

​I chose to pursue nursing because I love helping people. My biggest dream has always been to touch people's hearts and leave my own mark in the world. I chose organ donation as the focus of my Capstone Project, because I have had many people very close to me who have passed away due to the need of an organ/tissue. If I can increase the number of donors then I know I can at least save one more person.  

My Capstone Project is called "The Organ Donor Movement." Throughout the school year I planned and organized a school assembly for juniors and seniors at Jefferson High School to try to increase the number of organ donors. The main purpose of this project was to inform my peers that not everything they read on the internet is true about organ donation. 

This assembly featured the mother of an organ donor. Her son, who passed away, was an organ donor and a tissue recipient. The mother explained how much her life has changed. 

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White came and spoke to students at the assemblies on the importance of this decision. He also presented a plaque to our principal to thank him for helping promote and inform students about this topic. The speakers definitely touched many students' hearts which made them rethink their decision to become an organ/tissue donor. 

Overall, I had a good amount of students in both assemblies sign up to become organ donors. Many students who are already organ donors were convincing their friends to sign up and inform their parents of the importance of this decision. I feel everyone should become an organ donor to help give the gift of life to someone who is in need.

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