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 Froberg Elementary Fourth Graders Dig Deep into Integrated Literacy

1/13/2020 12:00 AM

​Froberg welcomes fourth grade teacher Sabrina Schlupp from the sunshine state. Ms. Schlupp moved to RPS 205 this year from Florida. She is a newlywed; her husband is a Rockford-area native. Ms. Schlupp is teaching all of fourth grade integrated literacy. She has completely embraced the curriculum, and I want to show off her hard work. Her students are showing amazing interest in the content and are very capable at articulating learning targets and goals.

Through integrated literacy, Ms. Schlupp has single-handedly captured the hearts and minds of the fourth graders at Froberg. During the first trimester, students discovered the many facets of structure and function through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each trimester has a culminating event in the form of a project. The students moved through the learning targets to arrive at two amazing projects – The Rice Experiment and The Worm Project.

The Rice Experiment
This was kind of a starter kit for the fourth graders. They picked up a multitude of skills, such as, journaling, cause and effect, location and characteristics that support the growth of rice. Students placed the rice in a variety of environments to determine how it would best grow. They routinely journaled their observations. This changed some of their thinking, which was exactly what we wanted in the early stages.

The Worm Project
After talking about the structure of worms and how they function within the soil to promote growth and aeration, students journaled their observations and reactions with live worms. The final product was a worm poster. Students created the posters in small groups and presented them to the class. What an experience!

How does the integrated literacy curriculum impact our students? It's what you see in the pictures at the top of this blog post. It's what you hear in this video of a student, Maggie, explaining what she learned about structure and function during the first trimester.

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