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 Final Downtown Leadership Club Shoutouts

6/12/2019 12:00 AM

​We kicked off the last Downtown Leadership Club (DLC) meeting of the school year by celebrating and sharing our experiences and interactions with student ambassadors during our recent school tours. Employees who work in the Administration Building, Transportation and Operations Support Center were encouraged to go on a student-led tour in April. Many of my peers were excited to share what they observed on those tours.

Everyone at the meeting was then encouraged to share how they live the values in their everyday work and what effect they hope living the values has on our district. We also shared our honest feedback on the Downtown Leadership Club meetings – what do we find valuable? What should change? We will use your feedback to help these meetings evolve.

My favorite part of the DLC meetings are the shoutouts. We take the time to recognize our peers who live one or more of our organization's values: character, collaboration, communication and continuous improvement.

Congratulations to the individuals shouted out at the May 20 meeting: 

-Jefferson High School Principal Don Rundall nominated Mat Parker
-Flinn Middle School Principal Randy Bay nominated Natalie Olsen
-Washington Elementary School Principal Greg Midgett nominated Cathy Ellis
-Kishwaukee Elementary School Principal Aimee Kasper nominated Yashekia Simpkins
-Fairview Early Childhood Center Principal Darcy Dunn nominated Bradley Whistler
-Welsh Elementary School Principal Blake Hand nominated Bradley Whistler
-Julie Chandler nominated Mitchell Luebke
-Yashekia Simpkins nominated Janice O'Brien
-Kristina Reuber nominated Kim Nelson and Teresa Fillers
-Kristina Reuber nominated Alfredo Gutierrez and Misael Nascimento
-Misael Nascimento nominated Reuben Cooper

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