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 Shoutout: 'Everyone pitched in'

10/31/2019 1:00 AM

​I would like to thank LaNesha Barbary, Cindy Diaz, Dawn Durkin, Cindy Lawson, Mary Olson, Kim Semmelroth, Jodi Skow and Paula Stewart for their work on planning the Administration Picnic. We worked together to create an event that encouraged staff to engage with others and thank them for their work here in the district. Everyone pitched in, fought through the wind blowing decorations and prizes and really did whatever it took to make the event successful. An added bonus was that there was trouble with technology and staff actually sat outside and ate lunch together. I would like to again thank this team for their help in creating a fun lunch for our colleagues. I would also like to thank each of you here today for stepping outside, eating lunch and enjoying the event.

-Angela Lundin, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Communications

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