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 Ellis Nutrition Services Team Serves More than Food

10/23/2019 3:00 AM

​When the computers went down on Sept. 6, we all kept busy in various ways. We caught up on job assignments, cleaned our offices, reorganized, cleaned the cold storage area, planned upcoming assignments, etc.

But when I found out that the Nutrition Services Department needed help, I immediately attended the Illinois State Board of Education Non-Restaurant Food Handler Training, completed the required assessment and was assigned to the Ellis Elementary School kitchen. The team at Ellis was appreciative of my help and took me under their wing to teach me the proper way to handle, prepare and serve food. Shana, Sheila and Michele are passionate about their work and want to prepare the best food possible. We serve around 400 lunches each day at Ellis, and the Nutrition Services team serves students more than food. I've witnessed first hand their love for the kids. They teach their students manners, lend an ear, and encourage kids to be safe as they're rushing into the cafeteria for lunch.

Shana, Sheila and Michele live the district values of Character and Collaboration. This team works well together. They help each other out. They try to keep it fun. I want to thank Shana, Sheila and Michele for their hard work and their service to the district.

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