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 Courage in Action: Eisenhower Students Help Bus Driver

10/3/2019 12:00 AM

​Sixteen Eisenhower Middle School students recently demonstrated tremendous courage, heroism and initiative in response to a situation they were forced into during their bus ride home. On Friday, Sept. 20, their bus driver began to feel chest pains near the end of the route. Unable to continue, the bus driver had to pull over. Realizing this was an emergency situation, the students knew they needed to take action. So while some of them tended to the driver, others went to get a neighbor for additional help and to call 9-1-1. The students waited patiently with their driver while the ambulance was on its way, and first responders were able to give the driver much-needed medical attention. 

Due to the actions of these students, the driver is currently recovering from the medical emergency. I want to recognize and publicly thank each one of these students. They showed courage and heroism, and I am grateful for their actions. I hope they can be an example for our community. 

Thank you:

1) Nails Bayrakdar 

2) Muhammad Bayrakdar 

3) Je'Sean Frye

4) Grant Woldman 

5) Myles Woldman 

6) Anaya Cohen 

7) Amari Curtis 

8) Jaiden Frye 

9) Sofia Kolkey 

10) Owen Anderson 

11) McKinzy Calohan 

12) Cameron Gniasek 

13) Brooke Lindsey 

14) Aundre Angotti 

15) Connor Schroeder 

16) Shamari Baptiste 

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