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5/26/2020 12:08 PMMonica BayneMary Kaull_201920Super's Update; Educator NewsBut it can all be worth it.
Ask any teacher during remote learning: Engaging with students takes time, effort and ingenuity.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/Elm%20Teacher_Mary%20Post_Thumnail%20160x160.jpgMary Kaull179/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/MaryKaull_160x160.jpg#00B0AC; #EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Supers-Update.aspx; /205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx5/26/2020 12:00 AMPublishedDetail Makes the Difference in Remote Learning
5/21/2020 9:03 AMMonica BayneDouglas McArthur Educator NewsThis year was a challenge, but no pandemic was going to stop us from giving this platform for student voice its place in the sun.
Jefferson High School has hosted the Rockford REV Poetry Slam during National Poetry Month in April for the past 11 years.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/Douglas%20McArthur_Thumbnail%20160x160.jpgDouglas McArthur 208 12:00 PMPublishedRockford REV Slam
5/21/2020 8:48 AMMonica BayneRobert McCulloh_May2020Behind the Scenes; Educator NewsWe created this video to let everyone know how much we care about them and miss them.
Fairview Early Childhood Center teachers are so sad to be separated from our amazing students and their families.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/FairviewMissesYou_Thumnail%20160x160.jpgRobert McCulloh209/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/RobertMcCulloh_2020_160x160.png#61B3E3; #EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Behind-the-Scenes.aspx; /205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx5/21/2020 12:00 AMPublishedFairview Misses You!
5/20/2020 9:21 AMMonica BayneCarol Bailey May 2020Educator News; ShoutoutsThey have made such an effort to stay connected and keep their preschoolers engaged and learning.
I want to give a shout out to the parents of my young students at our child care collaboration site, Circles of Learning.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/CarolBailey_Thumnail%20160x160.jpgCarol Bailey206/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/CarolBailey_1219_160x160.jpg#EE3741; #F05322/205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx; /205VIBE/Pages/Shoutouts.aspx5/20/2020 12:00 AMPublishedRemote Learning for Preschool
5/19/2020 9:59 AMMonica BayneAnthony StoneEducator NewsOur normal activities and plans were canceled, however, because of the extended school shut down.
Like most schools, the staff and students at Gregory Elementary School look forward to celebrating the end of hte year with Field Day.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/Stone%20Field%20Day_Thumbnail%20160x160.jpgAnthony Stone49/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/AnthonyStone_Family_160x160.jpg#EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx5/19/2020 12:00 AMPublishedVirtual Field Day at Gregory “Best Day of Quarantine!”
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