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 Dreaming of the Carnegie Hall Stage

12/19/2019 12:00 AM

​I am in CAPA's Concert Chorale, and we have an amazing opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. I have dreamed of performing at Carnegie Hall since I was little, because it's where the best of the best perform! My mom is a pianist and she instilled my love for music and songwriting. She always told me of her dream to perform at Carnegie Hall. Now I have the opportunity to perform there and live out her dream. 

This coveted trip to New York will provide unique and special opportunities that will stay with us forever. It's truly amazing that Rockford gets to be a part of this spectacular event! We are incredibly honored to represent our community on the stage of Carnegie Hall. But with this extravagant and enriching trip, there is a high cost.

Donations of any kind for this incredible trip will help us – not just CAPA, but the Rockford community – reach our monetary goal to be able to experience this extraordinary opportunity. I hope that opportunities like this will lift up our community so we can continue to watch Rockford rise! Please help Auburn CAPA Choirs and donate to this website: Thank you for your support!

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