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 Congratulations, Auburn Class of 2019!

5/21/2019 1:00 PM

​Congratulations to all the Auburn High School recipients of the Rockford Promise scholarship. More than a third of the recipients are Auburn students! A big shoutout to the counselors who helped these students with the process.

And a big thank you to Auburn counselor Mr. Appino for guiding my daughter through the college application process. I am proud to say she will attend DePaul University in the fall with scholarships. Her inspiration for math (pursuing actuarial science) was ignited by her teacher Dr. Pratt. 

I hope the community, Auburn and the district celebrates the success of this year's graduating class. We should be very excited that many of the students are going to top-notch universities including The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University and DePaul University. The students, teachers and counselors that made this happen should definitely be recognized in our community. Very exciting!

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