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 Cherry Valley Summer Camp Comes to an End

7/24/2019 12:00 AM

​Staff and students at Cherry Valley Elementary School's Camp No Other Person Like You! finished the summer with a camp showcase. Parents and students visited classrooms to see what campers had worked so hard on throughout their camp. They played with bubbles and dry ice with the Discovery Center, experienced interactive activities in the cafeteria, watched a slideshow of pictures taken over the course of the summer, watched each other's stop-motion movies as well as homemade movie trailers, and worked out with Sports Fit leaders one last time. There was also a book fair! Students chose books to take home and read over the rest of the summer. We even had a special visit from Clifford the Big Red Dog! 

Camp No Other Person Like You! incorporated a digitally based curriculum. The students played with many new, exciting apps and learned how to use a green screen to create their own movies. RPS 205 students and staff, as well as Rockford Park District staff, had a great time this summer. We are already looking forward to what is in store for next summer! 

Remember: There is No Other Person Like You!

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