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 "Camp No Other Person Like You!" Kicks Off at Lewis Lemon

6/25/2019 12:00 AM

​High fives, waves, smiles, sandals and shorts – it's summer camp season! Camp No Other Person like You! at Lewis Lemon Elementary School is off to a great start. Last week's theme was Understanding Myself. Campers spent their first days of camp getting to know each other and learning how to handle their first week worries. Students created emoji-themed self-portraits and met Wince and the WorryBug from "Don't Feed the WorryBug."

Despite the cloudy weather to start the first week of camp, the enthusiasm and camaraderie shown in the first few days has both campers and staff excited to see what the remainder of camp will bring. Cool book bags loaded with swag isn't the only thing campers have to be excited about (the water bottles look to be a big hit!). 

This year's camp promises to be one that students will not forget! The camp staff, compiled of Rockford Park District staff and Rockford Public Schools teachers, is excited to help campers on their journey of self-discovery through lots of fun and hands-on ways. 

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