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11/22/2019 2:25 PMMonica BayneBrooke ImbachBehind the ScenesAll money raised was donated to breast cancer research.
During Pink Out Day, students and staff each paid $1 to wear a pink shirt and jeans for the day.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/BrookeImbach_KennedyPinkOut2_160x160.jpgBrooke Imbach157/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/BrookeImbach_160x160.jpg#61B3E3/205VIBE/Pages/Behind-the-Scenes.aspx11/22/2019 1:00 PMPublishedKennedy Pink Out 2019
11/13/2019 11:03 AMMonica BayneJason BarthelBehind the ScenesWe have more than 5,000 computers, 300 servers and 1,200 wireless access points, and we had to rebuild our systems from the ground up.
We took every single device off our network, then brought each device back onto our network one by one.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/JasonBarthel_TechOutage_160x160.jpgJason Barthel152/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/JasonBarthel_160x160.jpg#61B3E3/205VIBE/Pages/Behind-the-Scenes.aspx11/13/2019 12:00 AMPublishedWhat Happened? Details about the RPS 205 Ransomware and Tech Outage
10/23/2019 8:42 AMMonica BayneTamara WoffordBehind the ScenesThen life happened, and I put my dreams on hold.
I'm a Rockford Public Schools graduate who attended Rock Valley College with a goal to become an art teacher.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/TamaraWofford_Family_160x160.jpgTamara Wofford143/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/TamaraWofford_160x160.jpg#61B3E3/205VIBE/Pages/Behind-the-Scenes.aspx10/23/2019 5:30 AMPublishedIt's Never Too Late to Pursue your Dreams
10/23/2019 8:12 AMMonica BayneAndrea AkermanBehind the ScenesI had never worked in child nutrition before and started my second career here as a routine worker at McIntosh Elementary School.
Rockford Public Schools hired me in the Nutrition Services Department in 2013.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/AndreaAkerman_BTS_GroupPhoto_160x160.jpgAndrea Akerman144/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/AndreaAkerman_160x160.jpg#61B3E3/205VIBE/Pages/Behind-the-Scenes.aspx10/23/2019 4:00 AMPublishedI'm a Kitchen Manager in RPS 205 – What’s Your Superpower?
7/23/2019 11:12 AMMonica BayneMaureen KirschmannBehind the ScenesSeeing people from the neighborhood coming together for nothing more than to have a good time with one another was rejuvenating.
There is something so nostalgic about block parties.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/MaureenKirschmann_blockparty_160x160.jpgMaureen Kirschmann128/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/MaureenKirschmann_160x160.jpg#61B3E3/205VIBE/Pages/Behind-the-Scenes.aspx7/23/2019 12:00 AMPublishedStrong Neighborhood Days
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