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 Back-to-School: Haskell Principal Ready to Welcome Students Home

8/27/2019 12:00 AM

​I'm about to start my 22nd school year in RPS 205, and my first-day insomnia kicked in more than a week ago. Every year I feel nervous, excited and terrified all at once – but mostly excited to see my students. My babes. I'm looking forward to seeing them smile and run to us on the first day of school next week to get a welcome back hug. They're my why for getting up every day. This job doesn't really feel like work. It's hard, but I can find the good in every day. In fact, all the staff can at the STEAM Academy at Haskell. We have amazing kids. We know their names, their nicknames, their middle names, their birthdays. They are my why. 

There's one student this summer who made sure I took a smile home with me when I left school each day after preparing for the upcoming year. Danyll – an incoming first grader who lives across the street from Haskell with his grandma – would play outside on his trampoline, and he'd shout to me, "Bye Ms. Leathers! I love you!" I'd roll down my window to say, "I love you, too, Danyll!" I'm looking forward to seeing Danyll every day at school – not only on my way home. 

For me, Haskell has always provided the right mix of community service and job. My extra time, energy and love – it all goes to Haskell kids and families. I started at Haskell as a kindergarten teacher when it was hard to find local teaching jobs. I have worked as a teacher, reading coach and now principal. I'm on my second-generation and third-generation students, and that idea gives me goosebumps. I hug parents like they're still my students, because we're one big family at Haskell.

Our district's vision resonates, because I want RPS 205 to be the first choice for all families. I want the STEAM Academy at Haskell to be a first-choice school. I want Haskell to be a place where our kids are using outside-of-the-box thinking to make the world better. I know Haskell is a place where we believe in and love our kids. Haskell is home. 

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