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 Auburn High School Students Connect With Fairview's Early Childhood Students

2/26/2020 1:00 AM

​It is very special to witness RPS 205's youngest students bond with the district's oldest students. That is what happened last month at Fairview Early Childhood Center when Auburn High School students visited us. The children were excited to have "big kids" come in the classroom and interact with them through play. In addition, it is joyful to see teenage students connect to their early learning experiences. 

Many visitors will often recall memories of their early school days, some even share memories of attending Fairview. Celestine Webster, a junior at Auburn, has been influenced to work with children her entire life. Her mother Edith Webster is a second grade teacher at Hillman Elementary School. Celestine shared with me that she wants to work with children to help them discover their future goals and dreams at a young age. That's why I teach. I want my young students to know that there is much good in the world, and they can make it even better. 

Auburn senior Bailey Reed has already determined that she wants to teach environmental science. I was very impressed hearing Bailey's reasoning for wanting to become a teacher. She said: "I want others to share my love of science. It took me a while to gain an appreciation for school, especially in math. I want to give others this same ability." Bailey is the daughter of Steve Reed, a teacher at West Middle School, and Cindy Reed, a special education teacher at Cherry Valley Elementary School. 

With their personal family histories and a shared passion for inspiring others, I encourage Celestine and Bailey to fulfill their dreams of becoming educators.

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