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 Alumni Spotlight: Architect Timothy Ogburn

1/29/2020 1:00 AM

​We're featuring RPS 205 alumni on the 205 VIBE! We caught up with East High School graduate Timothy Ogburn, class of 1987. Ogburn is a senior architect at Pickering Firm, Inc. in Memphis, Tenn.

Before graduating from East, which schools did you attend? I attended Highland Elementary School, which closed soon after I left there in 1980. I also attended Lincoln Middle School.

What did you do after graduation? I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I graduated in 1991 with my bachelor's degree in architectural studies. I also attended the University of Illinois for graduate school, and in 1993 I graduated with my master's degree in architecture.

What's your favorite memory about attending school in RPS 205? I have many fond memories from attending Rockford Public Schools. We really had an excellent elementary school. The teachers were all wonderful. I learned so much from them. Going to Highland school was critical in my time in the Rockford Public Schools system. I also thoroughly enjoyed high school. It truly was a great experience all around.

How has your time in Rockford Public Schools contributed to your success – whether in your career or life? My educational experiences in the Rockford Public Schools taught me how to think critically. It instilled in me a lifetime enjoyment of learning new things. RPS 205 inspired me to always be learning no matter how old I get. In addition to critical thinking and lifetime learning, I learned many skills from the various classes I took. Even today, some of the methods I learned from RPS 205, I apply to my job today. Those include but are not limited to: art, science, math, physics and engineering principles. 

Is there anything else you want to say about your time in RPS 205? I have to thank my parents, all my teachers and in particular, my mother. Besides being my mom, she was also a teacher in RPS 205. 

I also want to share examples of how I take notes (which oftentimes includes sketches). Art, science, physics, math are all combined in those images at the top of this blog post. I learned how to do all of that in Rockford Public Schools. I have completed many projects since I graduated from RPS 205 and became an architect. Some images of note: a community college building I helped design for Southwest Tennessee Community College – The Maxine A. Smith Center. The Maxine A. Smith Center was completed in 2010 and is currently utilized as one of their nursing schools. I am currently working on a men's homeless shelter, The Opportunity Center for the Memphis Union Mission. The Opportunity Center is scheduled for completion in late summer of 2020.

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