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 Alumni Spotlight: West Grad & Xbox Game Studios Creative Director Ken Lobb

12/4/2019 12:00 PM

​Ken Lobb graduated from West High School in 1979. He attended DeVry University and earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering technology. He now lives in Sammamish, Wash. and works as the Xbox Game Studios creative director.

Which RPS 205 schools did you attend?
Rockford Alternative Middle School and West High School.

What's your favorite memory about attending school in RPS 205?
Math with Mr. Foot. Of course, hanging and skateboarding with friends.

How has your time in Rockford Public Schools contributed to your success – whether in your career or life?
Like everything in my life, just caring about what I am doing is what helped he get where I am today. I really loved middle and high school. Primarily because the friends were there, and the classes were as fun as, well, classes can be! But I cared a lot about skating, and my skater buds were there. I also love tech, which lead me to DeVry, and it was there when I fell in love with video games. With hard work and luck, that led me into the games industry. That's where I have spent a hard, but awesomely fun 31+ years. I will be here until I retire. HA, as if…

Is there anything else you want to say about your time in RPS 205? Is there a teacher, coach or mentor you want to thank?
Thanks to my hardest teachers. Pushing works. Getting that day one "this class is too hard for most of you" speech always fired up my competitive nature.

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