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 Academy Anatomy at RPS 205

8/8/2019 9:00 AM

​The administration at Rockford Public Schools knows that its students have the potential to become billionaires, surgeons, entrepreneurs, or anything else they desire. Rockford Public Schools decided seven years ago to establish a system of academies in their high schools to help students focus more on the career they wish to pursue. The academies include: business, health, production and service. Each academy has multiple pathways to direct learning toward specific professions while also having mandatory pathway classes to ensure students are involved in career learning. Entering the workforce with little or no experience is a difficult move, so it helps to have guidance in your high school years so you know what you're getting yourself into. 

Being a student at Jefferson High School, I personally love my business academy because the classes benefit me greatly in my pursuit for a business career. They even influenced my decision join the YMCA Intern Challenge to gain more experience. The academies help students figure out what exactly their desired employment is. For example, in the health academy, students learn about the hundreds of medical careers they can pursue through research projects, field trips to medical facilities, and by meeting professionals in the medical field. Each academy has its own way of introducing and educating students about what is available for them outside of school.

Alumni Nasay Beh, an early graduate, praised her academy: "My academy gave me classes that consisted of information about my career pathway, which gave me opportunities to learn new things and has helped prepare me for college." 

The academies at RPS 205 high schools give students an advantage over those who do not have the opportunity to experience their future career in high school. Preparing early for a lifelong occupation ensures a better future with greater leaders who benefit everybody in their community, nation, and even the world.
High school students on a job shadow experience
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