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10/8/2019 8:23 AMMonica BayneAimee KasperEducator NewsI see bicycles lined up along the playground fence.
I’ve left school more than once already this year with tears in my eyes as I make my way home at the end of the day.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/AimeeKasper_CLCommunity_160x160.jpgAimee Kasper137/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/2016AimeeKasper_160x160.jpg#EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx10/8/2019 12:00 AMPublishedConstance Lane Elementary is Vibrant Community Hub
10/4/2019 8:36 AMMonica BayneJeff CarlsonShoutouts; Educator NewsI want to recognize and publicly thank each one of these students.
Sixteen Eisenhower Middle School students recently demonstrated tremendous courage, heroism and initiative.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/JeffCarlson_BusStudents_160x160.jpgJeff Carlson136/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/JeffCarlson_160x160.jpg#F05322; #EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Shoutouts.aspx; /205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx10/3/2019 12:00 AMPublishedCourage in Action: Eisenhower Students Help Bus Driver
9/26/2019 10:12 AMMonica BayneBridget FrenchEducator NewsI want to share what’s new this year.
Academies are small learning communities that allow students to connect what they’re learning in the classroom to an industry theme.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/BridgetFrench_NewInAcademies_160x160.jpgBridget French25/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/BridgetFrench_160x160.jpg#EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx9/26/2019 12:00 AMPublishedWhat's New in Academies?
9/4/2019 9:07 AMMonica BayneJessica PoulisseThe ArtsWhen I was a little girl I used to sit with my sketchbook and say “I’m an artist!”
For as long as I can remember, I have been incredibly passionate about fine arts.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/JessicaPoulisse_160x160.jpgJessica Poulisse135/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/JessicaPoulisse_160x160.jpg#90278C/205VIBE/Pages/The-Arts.aspx9/4/2019 12:00 AMPublishedMeet Jessica Poulisse, RPS 205 Fine Arts Support Specialist
8/28/2019 11:58 AMMonica BayneMary KaullSuper's UpdateThere wasn’t any question for Richard Meeks, who was a fourth and fifth grader at Henrietta Intermediate School when Lane was principal.
There wasn’t any question where Constance Lane stood on the importance of education.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/ConnieLane_160x160.jpgMary Kaull27/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/MaryKaull_160x160.jpg#00B0AC/205VIBE/Pages/Supers-Update.aspx8/28/2019 12:00 AMPublishedConstance Lane 'made us proud to be who we were'
8/27/2019 3:09 PMMonica BayneLoree LeathersEducator NewsEvery year I feel nervous, excited and terrified all at once – but mostly excited to see my students.
I'm about to start my 22nd school year in RPS 205, and my first-day insomnia kicked in more than a week ago.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/LoreeLeathers_MyWhy_160x160.jpgLoree Leathers134/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/LoreeLeathers_160x1602.jpg#EE3741/205VIBE/Pages/Educator-News.aspx8/27/2019 12:00 AMPublishedBack-to-School: Haskell Principal Ready to Welcome Students Home
8/26/2019 3:39 PMMonica BayneJulia OrlandoFamily and FriendsThis year the program will extend its reach to Constance Lane Elementary School when it opens this fall.
The Walking School Bus has catered to Lewis Lemon and Ellis elementary schools for the past five years.
/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Post%20Photos/Thumbnails/JuliaOrlando_WalkingSchoolBus_160x160.jpgJulia Orlando133/205VIBE/PublishingImages/Bio%20Photos/JuliaOrlando_160x160.jpg#DF1382/205VIBE/Pages/Family-and-Friends.aspx8/26/2019 12:00 AMPublishedWalk the Walk: Help Wanted Getting Students to School
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