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 RPS 205 Students to be Treated to “Nutcracker” Performance at Coronado

10/17/2018 8:00 AM

​I realize we're only in October, but let's jump ahead to the holidays for a minute. One of my favorite traditions every year is watching the Rockford Dance Company's performance of "The Nutcracker" with my daughter. When the Company partners with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra and holds the event at the Coronado Performing Arts Center, the event is magical, and it truly represents the best of Rockford. That's why I was thrilled to get news that Rockford Public Schools students will be able to experience it this year for free. We just received word from Friends of the Coronado​ that a generous local family is sponsoring a student matinee for RPS 205 students across the city. On the morning of Nov. 30, about 1,500 students will be treated to the second half of the performance. Similar to the annual Reach For The Stars field trip for RPS 205 fourth graders, students will get to experience the beauty of the Coronado and be exposed to the arts. On behalf of RPS 205, we are so very grateful to all the people who are making this possible for our students. Thank you! The full show will be held at Coronado the following Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 1 and 2. My daughter and I are so excited to have the Rockford Dance Company/Rockford Symphony Orchestra/Coronado partnership return this year after a couple of years break, and, of course we already have our tickets. My hope is that this year's free matinee for our students marks the beginning of a holiday tradition for others, too.

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