Goal 4

​Quality Staff

The focus of Goal 4 is to attract, develop, and retain a high quality, diverse, and accountable workforce. This goal contains measures on staff performance, engagement, and retention.

The district's strategic plan identifies five long-term goals and nine corresponding strategies that define the work of the district. Download a copy of the one page strategic plan here.


High Performance Turnover (4.a) measures the ability of the district to keep the best employees

Full Definition: Percent of staff rated "Excellent" or "Proficient" who voluntarily separated from the district.            

​​Data Source: RPS Records

Peer Comparison Group: None        


New Hire Retention (4.b) measures the short term ability of the district to retain new employees.

Full Definition: Percent of new hires who are retained annually, certified staff retained annually, and tenured staff who are retained annually.

Data Source: Data for this measure is still being collected to set a baseline

Peer Comparison Group: None


Staff Engagement Survey (4.f) measures the commitment and involvement level of staff to the organization, continuous improvement, and peer workgroups.

Full Definition: Percent of staff members who rate each of the following as positive:

  • staff-supervisor trust

  • staff influence

  • organizational commitment

  • socialization of new employees

  • staff safety

Data Source: RPS Records

Peer Comparison Group: Teachers: State of Illinois , Others: None


Staff Onboarding Survey (4.h) measures the usefulness of guidance, resources, and experience provided by the district to new employees.

Full Definition: Percent of staff who describe their onboarding or internship experiences as helpful.

Data Source: RPS Records

Peer Comparison Group: None​


Student Growth (4.h) measures the value that staff add to students' academic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college-level courses.

Full Definition: Percent of teachers and administrators that were able to meet the student growth goal included in their evaluation process. Growth goals target a demonstrable change in a student’s or group of students’ knowledge or skills, as evidenced by gain and/or attainment on two or more assessments, between two or more points in time.

Data Source: Being Developed

Peer Comparison Group: Being Developed​

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