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Action Plan Summaries

​Strategy 1, 2, & 4
Strategy 1, 2, & 4 action teams met in 2014 to create the current action plans. For three months, the curriculum department, the teacher’s association, and the Consortium for Educational Change met to transfer the work of the action teams to Instructional Council. Instructional Council primarily focused​​ on enacting the plans for Strategy 1: Curriculum Alignment. The council has two work groups steering the work of curriculum development and assessment creation. Instructional Council meets monthly.

We believe utilizing instructional council to do the work on the curriculum strategies will:
1) Increase the alignment of existing committees and structures throughout the organization;
2) Decrease the amount of time teachers are out of their classrooms;
3) Ensure that teachers, who are charged with enacting curriculum, are involved in the curriculum decisions of the district.

Because the administration believes that work on Strategies 2 & 4 primarily needs to happen after foundational work in Strategy 1, this year’s work will focus on curriculum and assessment development and alignment within the Strategy 1 scope.

To create readiness for work in Strategy 2: Differentiated Instruction, the district is in discussion with District Management Council, based out of Washington, DC, to conduct a review of the usage and scheduling of our Special Education and other student support personnel. The proposal is under review by Dr. Woestman, teachers, and curriculum administrators to ensure the resources that would be applied to such a review would provide us with a baseline for work in Strategy 2.

Strategy 3
Strategy 3: Customer Service action teams met in the spring to create the current action plan. In the past month, with principals back in school, Mr. Dotson and Mr. Vosberg have been working with principals and the Parent and Community Engagement Department to organize a set of resources for principals to use to collect parent feedback through the annual parent satisfaction survey.

In addition, Dr. Jarrett has asked the Strategy 3 team to allocate resources toward improving the relationship and communication with key stakeholders that influence potential parents: specifically Realtors and Human Resource departments in the region. The Communication Department has begun outreach to some of those organizations and is organizing an annual approach to engaging with those entities.

Strategy 5
The majority of work from the Strategy 5: Facilities and Technology plan involves using this year as a collection and planning year for a longer-term approach for integrating curriculum with technology. The action team recently reviewed a proposal from an organization called Bright Bytes for facilitation of the collection of strengths and weaknesses in curriculum and instruction with technology as well as
facilitation of the planning for such a long-term approach.

Strategy 6
The Action Team for Strategy 6: Internal Trust and Relationships has met eight times since the initial spring planning when the team was formed. The work has been focused on creating a survey instrument for certified staff that would measure levels of trust and engagement between schools and central office. The survey was recently distributed to staff and more than 1,200 responses were collected. Results are being reviewed with the Action Team and administration to determine next steps.

Strategy 7
The Action Team for Strategy 7: Recruit and Develop met in the spring to complete an action plan. The plan focuses on recruitment and onboarding. New teacher orientation was designed and delivered in August. Survey data revealed an overall satisfaction rating of a 3.4 on a 4.0 scale. Fourteen recruits from Spain began working in the District at the beginning of the school year. The framework for the hiring process is being refined. Onboarding framework is in progress. Minority Teaching Pathway initiative is being explored and was shared with the Diversity Council in late September.

Strategy 8
The Action Team for Strategy 8: Monitor, Track and Report is focused on data usage for all staff. A data usage survey was administered to a sample of teachers in 6 schools with about 100 respondents. The action team met on October 27th to review results from that survey and put together next steps for a possible information request for a data management system that would increase the ease of use and thus usage of data for all staff.

​Strategy 9
The Action Team for Strategy 9: Resource Allocation met in the spring to complete an action plan. Staff have been working hard to put in place processes and procedures that will result in a better financial audit result. A new audit was just completed, and there were no significant findings from the audit. That’s an impressive improvement over last year and a tribute to the work of the team and the finance
department to prioritize processes and procedures. Staff has also prioritized a list of process improvement events for the next year to improve efficiencies within the district central office.

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