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​​​​2017 Upcoming Events:

March 4 - All City Elementary Music Festival at Montessori

March 8- All City Secondary Music Festival at the Coronado and Mendelssohn Performing Arts Centers

March 18- IL Grade School Music Association, Solo & Ensemble Contest at West Middle School

April 20 - All City Digital Arts Festival at Nordlof Center

April 26 - U.S. Navy Sea Chanters Concert at East High School- Tickets are FREE, all are welcome!

September 16 - Fine Arts Hall of Fame Banquet

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Fine Arts Hall of Fame Awards Banquet

The Rockford Public Schools Fine Arts Hall of Fame is a district-wide event that highlights 3-4 individuals or groups per year. This awards ceremony began in 2016 as a way to celebrate the past and current successes of the fine arts in District 205. Nominations are accepted from the community, and a panel of voters makes the final selections based on the information in the submissions.

The date for the 2017 Fine Arts Hall of Fame Awards is Saturday, September 16 at Radisson Hotel & Conference Center. The 2016 event honored four individuals – Marcel Wilson (Performing Arts), Kevin Wilson (Performing Arts), Tom Heflin (Visual Arts) and Ann Rundall (Educator).

There are many categories of fine arts, and all are welcome for consideration. The vague criteria are that the individual be a former Rockford Public Schools student who went on to achieve tremendous success in his/her arts field, or an educator or advocate who has made a valuable impact on the arts in Rockford Public Schools. The nominations are not limited to individuals, as the committee will also accept productions or ensembles that performed or demonstrated their skills as a group.

The nominations that are made and not chosen for this year will be reconsidered in subsequent years. Nominators are encouraged to keep nominating their choices every year.

To nominate someone for the 2017 awards, please fill out the nomination form below and submit to RPS 205 Project Coordinator Emily Tropp at no later than February 24. This year's award winners will be announced and notified in March, with ticket information available starting in May. Please contact Ms. Tropp at 815-966-8960 if you have any further questions.

Fine Arts Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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Congratulations to the following students for their participation in the All State Choirs at the IL Music Educators Conference:

  • Frey Lemonholm (Auburn HS) -  All State Honors Choir
  • Lucas Lemonholm (Auburn HS) - All State Honors Choir
  • Javier Roman (Guilford HS)- All State Choir

Congratulations to the following students who participated in auditions/interviews for collegiate Theatre programs at the IL HS Theatre Festival January 4-7, 2017 at the University of Illinois.  49 universities across the United States were in attendance for students to present their work and gain acceptance to programs with scholarship eligibility.

  • Cameron Strandin - Technical Theatre - 24 programs.  Cameron represented GHS for the 3rd time as a technician, showcasing his work in the 2017 All-State production of SWEENEY TODD. 
  • Egypt Hunt - Technical Theatre - 19 programs
  • Haley Cain - Performance - 11 programs
  • Kyra Ramsey - Performance - 20 programs
  • Luke Barelli - Performance - 16 programs
  • Patrick Selas - Performance - 18 programs
  • Sunny Dolan - Performance  - 24 programs
  • Cierra Polky - Performance - 27 programs




 The following JHS students have been recognized at the Regional level and will be honored at a reception (12:30-4:00) on March 11th in Iowa City at The University of Iowa's Memorial Union where they will receive certificates and a Scholastic medal in recognition of their accomplishments as well as certificates and gold/silver key pins from the Scholastic Art & Writing program.

Gold Key Awards: highest level of achievement. All Gold Key works are forwarded to New York City to compete for inclusion in the national exhibition.  

               Chamayze Hall, 12- Painting / "Holiday Depression"

               Chamayze Hall, 12- Drawing / "Mud"

Silver Key Awards:

               Efrain Carlos, 12- Drawing / "Cheater"

               Darapon Chaibal, 10- Drawing / "Charmed"

               Amayrani Gorostieta, 12- Drawing / "Bear Hug"

               Ashley Martinez, 12- Drawing / "Contained"

   Miguel Ramirez, 12- Drawing / "Wrapped Up in a Conversation"

Honorable Mention Awards:

               Maria Campos, 12 – Painting/ "Point of View"         

   Ashley Martinez, 12- Drawing / "Acceptance"

               Ashley Martinez, 12- Drawing / "Rebecca"

               Ashley Martinez, 12- Drawing / "Self-Portrait in White"

               Ashley Martinez, 12- Drawing / "Self Worth"

               Britania Moreno, 12- Drawing / "Stress"

   Britania Moreno, 12- Painting / "Stripes 2"

   Jennifer Ramirez, 12- Drawing / "Comfort Zone"


Portfolio Silver Key Awards: the portfolio category for graduating seniors involves submitting a collection of the student's best eight artworks that demonstrate a high level in originality, technical skill, and personal vision.

        Ashley Martinez / Art Portfolio

Portfolio Honorable Mention Awards:

        Britania Moreno / Art Portfolio



The Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has released its list of winners for our Region and there are many from CAPA Art & CAPA Drama/Theater writers:

  • Gold Keys are awarded to the top 5-7% of all entries; these works go on to be nationally adjudicated in NYC

        Jackson Ott, "Marigold"  (Digital) 

        Emma Lai,  "SAM" (drawing & illustration)

        Paloma Velasco,  "The Omniscient Boy" (mixed media)

        Jenna Kahley, "Last Week in a Nutshell", (Poetry) 

  • Silver Keys are awarded to the top 7-10% of all entries

        Emma Lai, "Self"  (Art Portfolio)

        Emma Lai, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" (drawing & illustration)

        Jackson Ott, "Friends" (digital)

        Jackson Ott, "Frostbite" (digital)

        Sa'Von Thompson "Altemme" (drawing & illustration)

        Monay Zayed, "Kaaba Circumambulation" (mixed media) 

        Esther Veitch, "Courtesy", (Flash Fiction)

  • Honorable Mention is awarded to the top 10-15% of all entries

         Jenna Kahley, "Bigger Picture", (Writing Portfolio)

         Nate Martinez, "Breathe." (mixed media)

         Nate Martinez, "Tundra Thunda" (mixed media)

         Nate Martinez, "Universal Adagio" (mixed media)

         Arjanne Arreola, "Vitiligo" (Drawing & illustration)

         Brandon Garcia-Reynoso, "Onerous" (drawing & illustration)

         Diana Sanchez-Arrieta, "Blood Diamond" (drawing & illustration)

         Jenna Trowbridge, "Best Friend" (drawing & illustration)

         Brady Peterson, "Precipitate", (drawing & illustration) 

         Chase Heim, "Broken City", (digital)

         Jack Ott, "Moonlight Wanderer", (digital)  

         Toni Etherly, "letter hair down", (mixed media) 

Rockford Symphony Orchestra Golden Ball 2016

Rockford Music Educator of the year:  Lisa Eaton, King Elementary School



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