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Our Alumni Rock

​​Our Alumni Rock highlights former students who gained skills of leadership, critical thinking, collaboration and listening to other points of view throughout their education at RPS 205.  ​​

Meet Dr. Zach Morris


Dr. Zach Morris didn't achieve his dream of being a physician-scientist alone. A Rhodes Scholar who earned two degrees at Harvard, Morris is indebted to the teachers of RPS 205 who helped him along the way. He graduated from Guilford High School in 1998.​ R​ead more about the Guilford Viking on the RPS 205 blog.​

Meet Paul Thome


Debate and student council gave Paul Thome a foundation in the leadership skills he would call on at Sallie Mae, the student loan provider. The executive vice president of Sallie Mae, Thome graduated from East High School in 1969. Learn more about Th​ome's RPS 205 experience on our blog.​

Meet Anqunette Parham

Anqunette Parham learned how to think analytically in the gifted program at Auburn High School. "If you are going to think about it," she said, "then you are going to analyze it." A 1999 graduate of Auburn, Parham will practice law after a career in public health in Rockford. Read more about the Auburn K​​night on the RPS 205 blog​.​

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