​​​The Purchasing Department provides a centralized system for the acquisition of goods, services and construction and ensures that all goods and services are of appropriate quality and are acquired in a timely and cost effective manner. ​Activities and procedures of the Purchasing Department are regulated by, and must comply with The Illinois School Code and Rockford Board of Education Policy.    

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expand Bid Year : 2018-19 ‎(46)
expand Bid Year : 2017-18 ‎(61)
expand Bid Year : 2016-17 ‎(60)
expand Bid Year : 2015-16 ‎(66)
expand Bid Year : 2014-15 ‎(53)
expand Bid Year : 2013-14 ‎(70)
expand Bid Year : 2012-13 ‎(37)
expand Bid Year : 2011-12 ‎(82)
expand Bid Year : 2010-11 ‎(1)
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