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​​​​​​​Rockford Public Schools works with community organizations to provide flyers to RPS 205 families.

We're working with a digital flyer management system called Peachjar to provide electronic flyers. Peachjar replaced our paper flyer distribution system. We think this is a great way to save time, money and trees. ​Families ​receive flyers via email or on their school website.

Community organizations will be asked to pay a fee to use Peachjar to distribute flyers electronically. Follow this link for more information about distribution fees​. Schools and PTOs can use Peachjar free of charge.

Community organizations may be eligible to post flyers for free through a Community Free account. Those organizations would be allowed to send one flyer every 30 days to no more than 25 schools.​ All events promoted through a Community Free account must be free for participants with no enticement for future payments. These free events m​ay include library summer reading programs, free lunches for low income families, local police/fire safety programs, etc.

To be considered for a Community Free account, please contact Peachjar at, 877-402-1786 or chat online. Peachjar's team will review the flyer and, if approved, grant free uploading privile​ges. Peachjar approved flyers are then routed to the district for approval.

How to submit a flyer for approval:

  1. Visit
  2. Register – under account type choose Enrichment or Community Organization
  3. Upload flyer

Once a flyer is uploaded to Peachjar, the communications department will approve or deny the flyer. The communications department suggests that each flyer adhere to the following guidelines:

  • all material and literature provided by non-school related entities must be student-oriented
  • sponsoring organization's name prominently displayed

Please take a moment to review Rockford School Board governing policy 8.25 - Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities. ​

Please submit flyers in English and Spanish for the following schools:​

  • Beyer Early Childhood Center​
  • Two-Way Language Immersion at Barbour
  • Conklin Elementary School
  • Dennis Early Childhood Center
  • Fairview Early Childhood Center
  • Gregory Elementary School
  • Guilford High School
  • Hillman Elementary School
  • Jefferson High School
  • Lathrop Elementary School
  • Nashold Early Childhood Center
  • RESA
  • Riverdahl Elementary School
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Whitehead Elementary School​

Contact Angela Lundin with questions about Peachjar, 815-489-7346 or

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