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 Improvement and Innovation

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2019 Summer CAMP No Other Person Like You!

This is a federally-funded program designed to assist Kindergarten-7th grade students in Title I schools improve their reading and math skills to attain proficiency. Students demonstrating the greatest academic need will receive first priority for 1,800 seats available. Parents/Guardians will be able to enroll eligible students through registration materials mailed out on March 22, 2019.  This program is organized by the Improvement and Innovation Department. Extended School Year services driven by IEPs for students with special
education eligibilities will run concurrently within Camp No Other for grades 1-7.  Parents will receive proper notification of these summer services.

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2019 Summer Programs - Outings, Retreats, and more. . .

The Improvement & Innovation Department, in collaboration with community partners, offers a fun-filled summer program that gives RPS 205 students in grades Kindergarten – 12th an opportunity to perform, understand, learn, explore, discover, and experience a variety of multisensory activities.  These programs focus study on targeted topics outside of what might be offered during the traditional school day.  These non-credit programs are free and are led by RPS 205 teachers.  Bussing is available for those who qualify.  for more information please follow the summer programs link below.

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 Summer Enrichment Programs 2019

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