1/22/20 NEWS

Sixteen freshman and sophomores competed Wednesday in the NIC-10 F/S Tournament held at Guilford. After winning against Hononegah 480-200, the team took on Belvidere North, winning 430-190 to take 1st place.

Four members made the All-tournament team: Eddie Hoffman (1), Ashley Thammavong (T2), James Shields (T2) and Luis Angeles (T6).

NIC-10 Meet

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Team competed at Hononegah High School on Wednesday 11/20. 

Both JV and Varsity came away undefeated.

Varsity Matches JV Matches

Auburn  - 470 Belvidere - 150 Auburn 400 Belvidere 110

Auburn - 430         Bel. North - 120 Auburn 360 Belv. No. 120

Auburn - 430 Boylan - 150 Auburn 380 Boylan 250

NIC-10 Meet

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Team competed at Belvidere North High School on Wednesday 11/13/19. 

Both JV and Varsity went undefeated.

Varsity Matches JV Matches

Auburn  - 440 East - 50 Auburn 410 East 30

Auburn - 520         Freeport - 40 Auburn 450 Freeport 0

Auburn - 450 Guilford - 80 Auburn 500 Guilford 110

NIC-10 Meet

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl Team competed at Guilford High School on Wednesday 11/6.  Both JV and Varsity came away undefeated.

Varsity Matches JV Matches

Auburn  - 410   Hononegah -170 Auburn 330 Hononegah 160

Auburn - 410     Harlem - 60 Auburn 380 Harlem 100

Scobol Solo Tournament (11/16/19)

Seven Scholastic Bowl team members competed in the Scobol Solo tournament this weekend at New Trier H.S. in Winnetka, IL.  This is an individual event where 128 students compete head to head in twenty categories. Andy Granath received a ribbon in Chemistry for being one of the high scorers in that category. The team placed as follows: Justin Abel (27th), Henry Thomas (56th), James Shields (74th), Luis Angeles (80th), Sinecio Morales (84th), Andy Granath (101st) and Eduardo Rodriguez (125th).

ACF Mirror Tournament 11/16/19

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl team competed at the ACF Fall High School Mirror tournament at the University of Chicago on Saturday 11/2.   This event used a college level set written by the universities competing in the college division taking place throughout the country the same day. 

 Auburn took 13th place out of 20 teams and the team consisted of captain Justin Abel (11), Andy Granath (12), Henry Thomas (12), Ashley Thammavong (10), Alex Crowell (9) and Coby Thammavong (9).   Justin took 10th place overall in PPG with 38.18.

11/19/19 NEWS

The Auburn Scholastic Bowl team travelled to St. Louis to compete in a tournament at Washington University this past weekend. They finished in 8th place out of 36 teams.  The team was led by captain Justin Abel and included Henry Thomas, Ashley Thammavong and Andy Granath. Justin also placed 9th among all the competitors with 78PPG in the preliminary rounds.

Auburn competed at the Earlybird tournament at UIUC on Saturday, September 28.  The A team [above left] took 13th out of a field of 24. They consisted of captain Justin Abel, Ashley Thammavong, Andy Granath, David Stim and Luca Barba. Justin made the all-tournament team in 9th with 62 PPG.

The B team [above right] also competed and did well.  For many of them, this was their first varsity tournament. They consisted of captain Luis Angeles, Alex Crowell, Nam Pham, Coby Thammavong, Eddie Hoffman and Eduardo Rodriguez.

































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