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 Auburn School Counseling Department

The mission of our school counseling department is to rigorously facilitate all facets of the educational environment in three domains- academic, personal/social, and career development. 


​BAMIT​Ms. Jamie Ryan​Coming soon!
​EMITT​Miss Paige Campbellpaige.campbell@rps205.comClick here to sign up for an appointment
​HS​Mrs. Indie Bettsindira.betts@rps205.comStop by HS office to make appointment
​HPS​Ms. Christa Friendchrista.friend@rps205.comComing soon!
​GIFTED (10-12)​Mr. Dan ​Email to schedule appointment
​CAPA (10-12)​Mrs. Tiffani Weatherly​​Coming soon!
​GIFTED/CAPA (9)​Mrs. Sara Haug

Coming soon!


New Year Schedule Changes

Please complete the form above to request schedule changes for the 2019-2020 school year. Completing this form is simply a request and does not guarantee that your schedule will be changed.  All approved schedule changes will be communicated via email and reflected through parent portal.

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2018-2019 Scholarship Guide

Credit Recovery​​​
Recovery Options 2019.pdf
Community Resources

​ College and Career Readiness  

NCAA Initial Understanding.pd
Student College Resume (Sample).pdf

Illinois Student Assistance Commission.pdf

College Readiness Club - poster.pdf

NASA Internship Opportunity.pdf


        Online Resources


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