• Jim Gill performed at Grandparents' Day Assembly 11/21/2016

  • Family Turkey Bingo Night 11/17/2016

    Families enjoyed; dinner, bingo, a family movie and open gym. Thank you to all the families who donated turkeys and prizes!

  • Rockford Public Library Family Engagement Workshop 11/8/2016

    Families applied for and received a library card by attending our workshop and the Rockford Public Library donated many books to families.

  • Career week dress up day with community helper guest speakers

  • Career Week

    Thanks to the Medina Family for sharing thier truck from their family business, students learned about being a truck driver this week!

  • Career Week

    Students learned about what it's like to be a farmer. Thanks to 6K farms for sharing their animals with us!

  • Fire Prevention Week

    Firefighters Chris and Sonny taught the Fairview students how to be safe to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire. Please practice and talk to your children about a fire escape plan.

  • Students are learning about the science of pumpkins!

    The students predicted if the candy pumpkin would sink or float and then predicted what would happen after one was put in oil, in water, in milk and vinegar. Then the next day we saw what happened and they described what they saw.

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    ​Our mission is to provide a strong foundation that partners with our families and community to inspire students during a critical period in child development to become joyful lifelong learners through a myriad of daily enriching explorations.

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