• Sensations and Perceptions Demonstration lab at Auburn

  • Click the photo to learn about the Readiness 2020 planning process

    Readiness 2020 is the district's new five-year strategic plan.

  • Blog: Froberg second graders test flying machines

    Click the photo to read the blog.

  • Hillman student art work displayed at Noah's Ark Pet Sanctuary

    Students also hosted a donation drive to help the animal shelter.

  • Jefferson hosts a blood drive with the Rock River Valley Blood Center

  • Brookview class volunteers at food bank

  • Froberg Reading Challenge

    If students meet their reading goal, Froberg's principal will wear an inflatable sumo wrestler suit.

  • RPS 205 Launches Customer Service Survey Tool

    ​Rockford Public Schools launched a web-based tool called “Let’s Talk!” that wil...

  • Learn more about our Renaissance Gifted & CAPA programs

    Attend an information session to learn about upcoming auditions and eligibility ...

  • School Board Accepts Construction Timeline

    ​The Rockford School Board accepted a timeline for construction, school addition...

  • RPS visiting principals learn valuable lessons

    ​The group included five high school students from the Human and Public Services...

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Five Readiness Rocks

    The Readiness Rocks focus on college and career readiness, the seven periods to success, 21st century learning environments, and preschool and college for all.

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