• Congratulations Rockford Public Schools graduates! Scroll down to watch a video.

  • Blog: RPS 205 students to see robots that defuse bombs

    Click the photo to read the blog. (Photos courtesy of Navy Outreach Flickr.)

  • Sign up for the RPS 2.05 Run on June 6

    Click the photo for details.

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  • Students and YouthBuild volunteers spruce up Eisenhower Middle School

  • RPS 205 students march in the Memorial Day Parade

  • Blog: 'Local artists to Flinn students: Go fly a kite'

    Click the photo to read the blog. (Photos courtesy of Marilyn Lillibridge)

  • Share your thoughts on Let's Talk!

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  • Auburn Campus Health Clinic has 1,600+ Visits in 6 Months

    The Auburn campus clinic offers medical and dental services through Crusader, be...

  • Immunizations/health screenings for 2015-16

    Students must have the following exams/immunizations before the first day of sch...

  • RPS 205 Makes Switch to Free Federal Meal Program for All Students

    The Rockford School Board approved a federally funded alternative meal program t...



  • /Videos/2015JeffGrad14.jpg

    They Did It!

    Congrats to the 2015 graduates!
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Five Readiness Rocks

    The Readiness Rocks focus on college and career readiness, the seven periods to success, 21st century learning environments, and preschool and college for all.

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